All children need healthy meals.  Families that qualify for FREE or REDUCED Meals will both receive FREE Meals.  Please use one of the following methods to apply for benefits.   

1.   Apply online: Go to the website below and follow the guided steps to complete your application.  It only takes a few minutes.   This is secure and your personal information is protected.  It is             available 24/7.

2.    Paper Applications are available on our district website  You can also print out an application to fill out.

3.   Paper applications are available at each of the school offices, at the district office or by request, can be mailed to you.  To request a copy being mailed to you call 971-200-8000 or email

All completed paper applications can be turned into the school office or mailed to:

Shelli Feakin

Scappoose School District

33589 SE High School Way

Scappoose, OR  97056


If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact Shelli Feakin at 971-200-8000.

About Menu Planning:

  1. Menus are planned under the guidance of the State Nutrition Specialist for our district / county, to ensure compliance with regulations established by the State of Oregon and the USDA. Feedback from students and school sites are taken into consideration when planning menus.
  2. The district participates in the National School Lunch Program. This establishes meal / menu standards to be met. Audits and program reviews are conducted by state and federal agencies to ensure the standards are met. Participating in this program enables the district to offer free or reduced price meals to students from families meeting family size and income levels established by the USDA each year.
  3. At all school sites an electronic point of sale system is in operation. Students are issued a student ID card which is also used as a lunch card. Students use their ID cards at the point of sale the computer system determines their meal eligibility and records the transaction. The meal eligibility is confidential and NOT displayed. Students may prepay on their meal accounts or pay daily. Contact the office for building-specific instructions.
  4. Special Meals: In accordance with program guidance, menus can be modified to satisfy medical needs. Menus can only be modified based on a medical authority direction including recommended substitutions.

Lunch Charge Guidelines:


MealTime Online is the gateway to your student's "MealTime" school lunch account. You can make deposits into his/her MealTime Point of Sale account, or simply view the account activity. Your district may also choose to accept online payments for other school fees.

You will need your child's student ID number to proceed.


2017-18 Prices:

 Reduced  Free 
 Adult   $2.25 
 7-8    $2.75