Scappoose School District Board of Directors:

Zone, Precinct, Term, and Contact Info [pdf]  

2017-18 Board Committee Assignments

Scappoose City Zone Map

Board of Directors:

Will Kessi  

Angela Schillereff

Michelle Graham, Vice Chair

Jim Hoag

Phil Lager, Chairman

Lisa Maloney 

Board Goals:                      

Goal 1:                 
To develop a culture of leadership and collaboration throughout the District.
Goal 2:To support and annually review District student achievement with a focus on student growth data as measured by School Improvement Plans.
Goal 3:At Board work sessions in October and May and using a metric developed by the Superintendent, to review and monitor student engagement data in school programs and learning opportunities throughout the K-12 experience.  The data presented will as far as possible monitor total student body participation as well as include disaggregated subgroups by gender, ethnicity, language and economic status.
Goal 4:To support the use of technology resources to increase learning opportunities and the meaningful engagement and growth of every student.
Goal 5:To establish a community relations and school engagement plan specifically aimed at enhancing, coordinating and aligning community support for district programs and educational priorities.
Goal 6:To maintain support and focus on the allocation of District resources with the alignment of District priorities and goals.