Scappoose School District Board of Directors:

Zone, Precinct, Term, and Contact Info [pdf]  

Notice of Election of District Board Members

Scappoose School District has three board seats that will be on the May 16, 2017, Special Election ballot.

·         Zone 3 – Precinct 4, South Scappoose and Multnomah County

·         Zone 4 – North and South Warren

·         Zone 5 – West Scappoose, Canyon, Chapman and Washington County

If you live in one of these areas and would like more information, please visit the Columbia County Elections website at

Scappoose City Zone Map

Board of Directors:

Will Kessi  

Angela Schillereff

Michelle Graham 

Jim Hoag

Phil Lager, Vice Chair

Joe Lewis, Chairman

Lisa Maloney 


Board Goals:                      

Goal 1:                 
To develop a culture of leadership and collaboration throughout the District.
Goal 2:To support and annually review District student achievement with a focus on student growth data as measured by School Improvement Plans.
Goal 3:At Board work sessions in October and May and using a metric developed by the Superintendent, to review and monitor student engagement data in school programs and learning opportunities throughout the K-12 experience.  The data presented will as far as possible monitor total student body participation as well as include disaggregated subgroups by gender, ethnicity, language and economic status.
Goal 4:To support the use of technology resources to increase learning opportunities and the meaningful engagement and growth of every student.
Goal 5:To establish a community relations and school engagement plan specifically aimed at enhancing, coordinating and aligning community support for district programs and educational priorities.
Goal 6:To maintain support and focus on the allocation of District resources with the alignment of District priorities and goals.