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From the Superintendent:

Welcome to Scappoose,

   If you are new to our District, we are so glad you have chosen us to be your education provider; if you are returning we truly appreciate the trust you have put in us. 

   Our Mission Statement is very easy to remember and, although short, clearly messages our focus to the world:  “We Prepare Our Students for the Future”.

   This statement is direct and lacks ambivalence; we anticipate that all students will learn, and what they learn will prepare them for their future so that they will have a solid foundation of skills and knowledge to build upon.  Our goal is that Scappoose Alumni will have real autonomy over their choices for their future.

   This year Scappoose School District will be implementing Response To Intervention for K-8.  This model builds a system of supports around every student, at whatever level of achievement, through scheduling, staffing, frequent assessment, and applicable educational materials.  RTI has been very successful in many other districts, where student achievement at all levels has shown promising growth.

   We will also be reinforcing our focus on Common Core State Standards and learning with further support of student skills in problem solving, analysis and research.  Writing will be a District focus again this year. As teacher support, we will be piloting a new teacher coach position.  Again, Scappoose High School students will continue to be able to choose from a broad range of college dual credit, Advanced Placement and applied skills classes.  This year we have the addition of Drama and Theater to our elective selection.

   We are very proud of our District, our Staff and our Students.  Our achievements are diverse and we are always seeking to improve on past successes.  We are obviously pleased with last year's successes, but we are most proud at being selected for the OSAA 4A Schools State Sportsmanship Award.  It epitomizes a fundamental value of our District.   

Welcome to Scappoose School District

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Scappoose School District -Water Quality Testing For Lead

In response to the recent public alarm about lead in water sources, Scappoose School District took water samples last Sunday, June 4, 2016.  We sampled several sources in each school and delivered them to the lab in Portland early on Monday morning.

When the lab report came back yesterday it cleared every sample.  All the water was well below the caution level for lead toxicity.  In other words, none of the samples posed a health risk because the lead levels were under the maximum measurement of 0.015 mg/L that EPA accepts for safe potable water.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the District Office at (971) 200-8000.

District Newsletter for May

It is a great privilege to share our new district newsletter. We hope you enjoy the news from the Scappoose School District. 


Why is SHS changing their schedule again? 

 Last year, a team was put together to look at the transition away from trimesters to semesters.  This effort, led by Superintendent Stephen Jupe, was focused on returning yearlong instruction to English and Math. These core subject areas are critical for students to be able to demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skill areas of reading, writing, and math; all required for graduation. After many months, the team decided to implement our current 8-period rotating block schedule.

However, this new schedule has created several new challenges and concerns: Students are not getting daily instruction in their core classes and they are finding it difficult to juggle and thrive in an 8-period schedule, be they high achieving or simply struggling to earn credit.

These concerns led to the creation of the School Improvement Team at SHS – a diverse team of administrators, counselors, teachers, and classified staff. This team surveyed staff about what they found important in a schedule. The results revealed that teachers value seeing students daily as well having the opportunity to build personal relationships with those students. Staff felt that both were crucial to student success at SHS, especially in the areas of Math and English.

As a result of this data, the team analyzed several schedule options and settled on one we believe provides students with enough credit opportunities to graduate, but also alleviates the overload and anxiety felt by students in the existing block schedule. In addition, it will allow students to see their teachers daily.

Under this new schedule, students will need to be enrolled in a minimum of six classes a semester to graduate. However, this schedule lessens the number of elective choices for students. To address this concern we created two J-Terms (three weeks in length), that will follow each semester. Not only does this solve the elective gap, it also provides students more opportunities for real-world learning.

Schedule for 2016-2017 School Year

We will be on a semester schedule; each semester will be 18 weeks long.  The semester will be divided into two different schedules as follows:

September-December (15 Weeks)                              February-May (15 Weeks)

Students will attend 6 classes every day                      Students attend 6 classes every day

Classes will be approximately 60 minutes                   Classes will be approximately 60 minutes


January J-Term (3 Weeks)                                        May-June MJ-Term (3 Weeks)                                 

Students will attend 3 classes every day                      Students will attend 3 classes every day

Classes will be approximately 100 Minutes                Classes will be approximately 100 minutes

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August 8, 2016 - Board of Directors' Meeting @ 6:30 p.m.
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August 22, 2016 - Board of Directors Work Session @ 6:30 p.m.