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Scappoose Middle School

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Contact Information

52265 S. Columbia River Hwy
Scappoose, OR 97056
Phone: 503-543-7163
Fax: 503-543-7917

Principal: Ron Alley
Lead Secretary: Britney Poling

Office Hours: 7:30-4:00

School Hours: Mondays:  9:20-3:05
                        Tues.-Fri.: 8:20-3:05




Campus Clean Up


Both new and returning students need to register.  Registration is held in the SMS cafeteria on August 12th and 13th from 1-3:30 and 5-8

At registration, students and parents can...                                                                                   

      Tour the hallways and find classrooms

      Meet the Principal, Secretaries, Counselor,  and Athletic Director

      Discuss scheduling questions with our Counselor

      Discuss sports' questions and sign-up for fall sports ($85.00)

      Update addresses and emergency phone numbers

      Pay for hot lunch ($2.60) or breakfast ($1.75) and registration fees of $55.00 for both 7th and 8th grade.  (THREE SEPARATE CHECKS must be made out to the food program, registration fees, and fall sports, due to auditing policies.)  




Scappoose School District is aware that many are experiencing difficulties during these trying economic times.  All children need healthy meals. Families may qualify for reduced or FREE lunch and FREE breakfast. Reduced price is .40 for lunch.  Applications are available at each of the schools, the district office and on our website at www.scappoose.k12.or.us.  If you have any questions you can contact Janet Wentz at 503-543-6374

Proficiency Based Teaching and Learning

Proficiency Based Teaching and Learning

The trend of personalized learning has caught on nationwide, but the entire state of Oregon has been using a similar method—proficiency-based instruction—since 2002.  This year, SMS has begun to apply the Proficiency Based Teaching and Learning model for education.  Instead of using a system based totally on grades, attendance or homework, we are using a system that makes sure students master the concepts aligned to Oregon state standards. This is a new process for our teachers as well as our students.


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